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Anand & Anand -National arena of sporting goods

ANAND & ANAND was established in 1999 under the guidance of Anand Group. We have been in the National Arena of Sporting Goods for over 22 years now, competing successfully with the best manufacturers in India. Anand & Anand are specialised in making Cricket Tennis Balls and all other types of Inflatable Balls. Our Laser Cricket Tennis Ball has been approved by the Tennis Ball Cricket Federation of India.

Anand Group was founded by Late Lala Niranjan Dass Anand in 1948 which is currently led by Sh. Ashok Anand. ANAND & ANAND is a part of Anand Group which is controlled and managed by Ashish Anand and Akhil Anand.

Anand & Anand is an ISO 9001-2015, 14001 : 2015, OHSAS 18001 : 2007 certified company. Anand & Anand is approved and certified by Dun & ®Bradstreet, D&B D-U-N-S No. 85-809-7038, USA. Our most modern and self-contained factories are spread in over 6 acres of land.

We work on Eco-Friendly method

ANAND & ANAND factory is completely equipped with high quality tools and machines which are used for the production of all kinds of rubberized balls. We have individual departments for designing, sampling and production. Each department carries out research & development under the direct supervision of a director. We are the only Sports Good Industry in India which uses SAP solutions as this latest technology help us to turn insights into action in real-time, so that we could be more resilient, profitable and sustainable. All production processes take place under the one house only. We are equipped with fully automated modern machines for the best quality of the product. Our production works on the eco-friendly method as we believe that simple changes in people’s behaviour can quickly lead to significant environmental changes.

The only company in the field of sports goods industry which is run by

Stringent Quality Control

Quality is a trait that we navigate. We are specialised in manufacturing Cricket Tennis Balls and all other types of Inflatable Balls. We always try to work hard and get things done as soon as possible, but never at the loss of quality of the product. Our products provide complete value to our customers. Our clients all over the country are living testimonials to our claims. When you choose us, you not only choose splendid experience but you also choose reliability and quality. Our products are guaranteed against all material and manufacturing defects. Customer Satisfaction is our topmost priority as our strength lies within the customers only.

Strict Follower of Indian laws

Our company strictly follows the Indian Law and are strictly against the child labour. At ANAND & ANAND we don’t practice child labour as we believe that children should be given an opportunity to attend and finish their schooling and have a healthy childhood. ANAND & ANAND have been creating awareness on the issues of child labour practice in the region. We have organized many campaigns to create awareness among the general public.

Anand & Anand is one of the founder members of the Sports Goods Foundation of India. Currently, Sports Goods Foundation of India is working with International bodies like WORLD ILO which is completely committed towards the eradication of child labour in Indian sports industry.

Solo OEM to Decathlon Worldwide for Lawn Tennis Balls.

Message From the Desk

Welcome to our world! Where, humble efforts meet hard work and dreams meet dedication. Yes, we, at the ANAND & ANAND are committed to enrich the society, in our own unique way. Over the years, ANAND & ANAND has built an enduring brand image in the Inflatable Balls market. With the rapid growth that the Company has been experiencing, in both sales and profits, we are constantly expanding and innovating our products and production techniques while maintaining the best quality.

Customer satisfaction was and will continue to be our top most priority. It was the sole fundamental on which ANAND & ANAND was founded.

Sh.Ashok Anand


At ANAND & ANAND, We believe that success comes from relentless focus on shared vision, innovation and execution. I am proud to be part of an excellent team that strives to reach this success and greatness. We pursue the highest qualities for our products to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and social value. We contribute to the welfare of the environment and build a most trusted company.

Ashish Anand


At ANAND & ANAND our goal is to provide the best products our client’s need, while managing cost to their bottom line. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products and services. Our business is customer focused, and our service rendered transcends the competition. Customer Satisfaction & Great Value which we bring to our customers differentiates us within the industry.

Akhil Anand

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