Cricket Bat Handle’s Grip (Pack of TEN Pieces)

Cricket Bat Handle’s Grip (Pack of TEN Pieces)

95.00 /Pc.


  • 2.8MM thickness to hold the best grip on the handle for any player.
  • Multi CNC moulding pattern in its class.
  • Best material used for High Tensile Strength
  • Best moulding designs in its class
  • Heavy weight, thick, stretchable, non cracking, multi colour and single colour in different designs.
  • Only this grip in India which is made from automatic cold extruded injection moulding machines
  • Standard packing: 10 Pieces in Printed re-Sealable BOPP pouch then 50 pouch in carton or 50×2=100 Such BOPP pouch in a Master Carton


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